Monday, August 31, 2009

tres on mhyh 008 by tres and on a path 08.30.09

this week was a difficult one for me... stress really started to get the best of me... on sunday morning i rolled out of bed a bit early to find that the dj on before me wasnt playing this week... so i got set up as quick as possible, because i could have some extra time to work through the stresses of my week with music... the end result is this set...

Tres on mhyh 008 by tres.

later on in the day i did on a path, and jdaddy played early this week so i added and hour to the set, as some good friends joined the fun at around the time i would have normally finished... this is the video with sound... the podcast of it will get posted tonight if you want to download it... it is a 3 hour set...

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