Monday, August 24, 2009

on a path with tres 08.23.09

hello, this weeks set started out with some alexander east tracks that he gave me quite some time ago, had never really worked any of them into a set... i mixed them with some of the new deep tunes i picked up last week... as the second hour gets going the path takes a hard turn into some old school 80s, and 90s house... got a little rocky on some of the mixes, but nothing that bothered me that much... thank you very much for taking the time to download and listen... the sets i do on are available @ , and if you havent been to lately, we are going through some changes... :)

get it here...

push out the jive - alexander east
lost and found - terry lee brown
satisfied - alexander east
fo eva - soul tourist
so - alexander east
plough hand - soul minority
people of the deep - alexander east
100% missing you - soul minority
autumn en spring - alexander east
no jack city - daniel cummings
the way - global communications
want you for myself
our house music - peace division
rhythm of the beat - tony seneni
one voice - brothers & systems
hardcore - duane and co
acid thunder - fast eddie
jack your body - farley
got myself together - bucketheads
you need someone - groove commitee
love can turn around - farley & daryl pandy

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