Thursday, December 29, 2011

drifting 002 with tres johnson(lowercase sounds)12.25.11

drifting 002 with tres johnson(lowercase sounds)12.25.11

hope you all are having a great holiday season! since christmas fell on sunday this year, i decided to do a special ambient broadcast that night. i figured most people were going to need a chiller vibe after dealing with family all day. the chatroom was alive with some familiar chatters, and i think we even picked up a few new peeps. i was going to go longer on this set, but for some reason i was getting a tune ready and the cd deck struggled with it, and i ended up with dead air, so instead of going on i just ended with the last tune before the silence. maybe for drifting #003 i will start where i left off.

i hope you all dont mind this shift into ambient music that i have been doing. i am not tired of deep house, just been needing to explore other avenues of music... speak up and let me know your feelings!

have a happy new year!

track listing:
stars - brian eno
motoc - loscil
untitled #5- sigur ros
cielo - murcof
exposure - fripp
warmed by the drift - biosphere
the dream - orb
zephr - loscil
14.31 - global communications
cometa - murcof
we were once - jessica bailiff
steam - loscil
slider - fsol
rites of passage - future primitive
the time has come - unkle
sparrow - mira calix
the beast - palmskin productions
stormy cloud - krush
deep blaque- dr who dat

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trying to get it together...

Lately I feel like I don't have enough time in my day to accomplish what I need to, so some things seem to be falling by the wayside... I am making the atempt to get this blog going again with this post... We will see how that goes though..

Lowercase sounds label has a grip of stuff to release, just need to get it going like this blog... Next up is a great 2 tracker from cord mavs.. Should be getting it up for pre-release in the next week or so.... Once it is out we should start rolling out the rest, with stuff from Corey steers,
Marcos whitted, Julius funkhauser, and one from remedy and myself...

Omaha party wise, we have Rick of cord mavs coming to mix it up with Brent crampon and myself for the bigomaha after party... That will be at nomad on may 14th... After that on may 30th we are pleased to welcome mr white...

I am excited that on June 5th I will be djing in Denver, playing a party for the treehouse collective, with atnarko.. It is khalibs birthday, so I imagine this party is going to be great!!

Station wise we are adding more djs all the time... I am working on designing a new site and trying to get few more features rocking out on it...

I guess that is about it...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

disco whipped:

dj raw sugar ~ i just (extended mix)
terry g ~ higher
will jax ~ won't let go
pete le freq ~ rise

our biggest release to date is now available!!! as a nod to the early roots of house, this release has a little something for everyone. from terry g's disco-jacker, to pete le freq's re-edit, to the deeper soulful sounds of will jax and dj raw sugar. if you dig the disco tip then this e.p. is for you.

as always, big thanks to kid gusto for the awesome mastering job, and props to tres & sis for the swanky artwork!!! also, thanks to ian at kahua for the promotional help, and a huge thanks to all the djs for their support and feedback.


mark farina ~ "great disco-tracking funk"

atnarko ~ "killer ep ! really nice ... more please!!!"

jason hodges ~ "wont let go is the cut for me!"

lee jarvis ~ "love the disco sounds! 'higher' is right up my street, but also like to groovy 'rise'. definitely something for everyone, and something for early and late night sets. thanks! lee j."

greg yuen ~ "i like the deep vibes on the dj raw sugar track...thanks!"

manuel sahagun ~ "digging the dj raw sugar track... icon_smile.gif"

al bradley ~ "lovely warm grooves from will jax, great sultry house music. terry g's cut is equally cool, great bumping grooves & wicked licks. pete le freq's track is cool, but sounds a little like a lot of the disco-influenced stuff from the mid-90's, it is a great track though. finally raw sugar rounds off a great ep with a quality slab of funk, again more great dancefloor action."

tommy largo ~ "nice package. "i just" really stands out for me after first listening. all othyer tracks are very playable for me as well. full support."

craig hamilton
~ "quality ep all round, hard for me to pick a favourite. will definately be playing these out."

ken ecb ~ "i like dj raw sugar mix. this is quality. thanks."

4peace of hm ~ "nice release. that pete le freq rmx makes me get my hustle on! will jax cut is good too!"

corey steers ~ "very solid ep my man deff gonna give it some air play. have to say petes and will will be my favs from the ep."

up next: j. caprice ~ slippery when wet

Monday, August 31, 2009

tres on mhyh 008 by tres and on a path 08.30.09

this week was a difficult one for me... stress really started to get the best of me... on sunday morning i rolled out of bed a bit early to find that the dj on before me wasnt playing this week... so i got set up as quick as possible, because i could have some extra time to work through the stresses of my week with music... the end result is this set...

Tres on mhyh 008 by tres.

later on in the day i did on a path, and jdaddy played early this week so i added and hour to the set, as some good friends joined the fun at around the time i would have normally finished... this is the video with sound... the podcast of it will get posted tonight if you want to download it... it is a 3 hour set...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a little punk wave...

well last night i was feeling completely unmotivated to work on music, and then jason booms hit me up that he was going to play on lowercase... so i decided i would warm up for him, for 30 minutes or so... i sort of feel like i have been neglecting my records that are not house tracks... so i busted a few punk and new wave records from my past... the end result was 30 minutes of music with a ton of emotion... the light was on for about half of the first song, and then i finally get it together and turn it off... let me know if you dig sets like this from me and i will try to do them more often...

Monday, August 24, 2009

on a path with tres 08.23.09

hello, this weeks set started out with some alexander east tracks that he gave me quite some time ago, had never really worked any of them into a set... i mixed them with some of the new deep tunes i picked up last week... as the second hour gets going the path takes a hard turn into some old school 80s, and 90s house... got a little rocky on some of the mixes, but nothing that bothered me that much... thank you very much for taking the time to download and listen... the sets i do on are available @ , and if you havent been to lately, we are going through some changes... :)

get it here...

push out the jive - alexander east
lost and found - terry lee brown
satisfied - alexander east
fo eva - soul tourist
so - alexander east
plough hand - soul minority
people of the deep - alexander east
100% missing you - soul minority
autumn en spring - alexander east
no jack city - daniel cummings
the way - global communications
want you for myself
our house music - peace division
rhythm of the beat - tony seneni
one voice - brothers & systems
hardcore - duane and co
acid thunder - fast eddie
jack your body - farley
got myself together - bucketheads
you need someone - groove commitee
love can turn around - farley & daryl pandy